5-Card Draw Poker Rules Are Simple, But What About Strategy?

What Is Draw Poker?

Draw poker is the easiest and most accessible form of the game of poker. It first appeared back in what is known as the ‘wild west’, the western territories of the United States of America, in their early days. That was in the early 19th century. It’s the usual form of poker for those who play at home. Online players also enjoy this form of the game. Draw poker or five card draw (FCD) is different from a more popular variation of the game, ‘No Limits Hold’Em’ (NLH). There are those who find draw poker rules simple, but are interested to develop a draw poker strategy. And of course, when you’re interested in draw poker strategy, you want draw poker tips. So let’s dive in.

Draw Poker Rules

The draw poker rules are straightforward. This version of the game works better with a smaller number of players because otherwise, the cards may run out, as each player needs to draw a hand of five cards.

  • One player acts as dealer
  • The dealer deals a hand of five cards to each player, starting with the player on his left
  • Before the dealing, there is a round of betting.
  • Each player keeps their hand of cards hidden from the view of the other players.
  • The players who survive the first round have the chance to refresh their hand of cards. Otherwise, they can ‘stand pat’ and keep their hand as it is.
  • Another round of betting takes place. Then the players show their hand. The player with the strongest hands wins.

Draw Poker Strategy

There are a few strategies to keep in mind, especially if one is a less experienced player.

  • The first major strategy or game plan should be not to play out of your depth. Until your strength in the game grows, there is no point in playing poker with seasoned, experienced players. First, grow in your game. You can start playing with experienced players when your confidence grows. It’s better to play with players whose experience is at the same level as your own.
  • Another strategy to keep in mind is to be particularly aware of your hand of cards for the first round. If your hand is favourable, you have a good chance of surviving until the next round.

Draw Poker Tips

There are some generic tips for poker which also serve as great draw poker tips. Apart from the one about not playing out of your league, whether it be regarding experience or money, there are a few more to take on board.

  • Pay attention to your game and to your cards. When we play, we may get carried away by the social aspects of the game and perhaps this is not a bad thing in itself. The trouble is, it may take the edge of your game. If you’re serious about your game, it’s very important to stay aware at all times. So don’t let your guard down and keep your eyes on the cards.
  • Stay away from alcohol when playing, for the reasons mentioned above. You need to keep your wits when playing poker and alcohol tends to leave you over relaxed and far more likely to let your guard down. So avoid alcohol at the poker table, or at least stick to limits.
  • Do not play when feeling down or depressed. One should feel very upbeat and positive when playing this game. You want to attract good, positive vibes to help you stay on top of your game. So void the card table when feeling down, sad or angry.
  • Pay close attention to your opponents. Observing your opponents and being aware of them is a great way to improve your game and develop your draw poker strategy.

Draw Poker Anyone? Conclusion

Draw poker, the traditional form of the game of poker, is definitely rising in popularity. It’s many players’ introduction to the actual game of poker… As mentioned earlier, it’s good for online gaming and for playing at home. Therefore, it’s important for players to learn all they can about making their draw poker game the best that it can be. It will improve their interest in and enjoyment of the game, not to mention their skill at the game.