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How to Play and Win at Chinese Poker

Chinese Poker may be a little different from what you would usually expect from a game that has “poker” in its name. First of all, it does not utilise chips as there is no money or betting. Though of course, […]

HORSE Poker – Just as Competitive as Equestrianism

Rather than just playing Texas Hold Em all the time, many people playing poker at online casinos in the UK are starting to branch out into other equally enjoyable and rewarding varieties of the game, like Omaha poker, Razz and […]

Omaha holdem poker rules and derivatives

Omaha Holdem poker is a form of community card poker very similar to Texas Holdem. In Omaha poker, players are dealt four hole cards, which are their own private cards. Five community cards are also dealt. These cards sit face […]

Razz Poker Rules: When the Worst Hand Wins

After you have been holding ’em Texas or Omaha style for a while, you will likely marvel or even scoff at Razz poker, a game where your explicit goal is to put together the lowest, weakest hand possible. Counterintuitive and […]