Keep your poker rolling on the right track with Freeroll Tournaments!

Some of the biggest names in the business got their lucrative gambling careers off on the right track thanks to poker freerolls. It’s not where they won their millions, but helped bankroll the way. Sometimes they’d win real money, other times a win gave them access to bigger tournaments, with opportunities to play a serious game against their idols.

Whatever stage you’re at on your journey, you can do the same. Taking part in poker freerolls gives you a shot at becoming an awesome online poker player, win real money, and if you hadn’t guessed already, you get to play poker for free. But you may be curious about what exactly freerolls are, and (importantly) how you get access to play?

Poker freerolls: free poker tournaments

If you’ve visited a few online poker rooms, chances are you’ve heard about poker freeroll tournaments already, maybe you’ve even been invited to play, but feel you’re not quite ready to play at competition level? And with the non-stop offers flashing before your eyes, it’s easy to lose track of what’s what – what is genuinely free, and question how real the cash in the pot is.

What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas

A quick look back in time might help: it’s believed the term freerolls was originally coined (literally) during the 50s in Las Vegas. Casinos would hand out rolls of nickels to entice punters inside and help them bankroll their way to riches. People would line up to get their hands on a free roll, then race off to play their favourite games.

Things haven’t changed that much. Free rolls just became one word. The biggest change is that we now have a magical invention called the Internet. So, just like in 50s Vegas, today’s online casinos offer freerolls so you can play in poker tournaments for free, and use your winnings to help bankroll your way to the big time. Maybe giving you a shot at the coveted final table and play against your idols.

Types of poker freeroll tournaments

The different type of freerolls generally falls into 2-3 categories: new members, first deposit players, and high rollers. Online casinos attract new players with some excellent sign-up offers, like no-deposit, free play money and free spins, etc. Some also offer new members access to freeroll poker tournaments, too. But because most new memberships include the no-deposit offer, some casinos will only offer access to free online poker tournaments when players deposit their first funds. High rollers can get access to a different kind of tournament, ones where the winnings on offer are massive compared to regular poker freerolls, which have always had fairly humble pots.

Play for free and win real money: fact or fiction?

When we hear the words ‘free’ or ‘win real money’, two things usually happen: we get excited, then we become suspicious. We know how loosely the words ‘free’ and ‘real money’ can be used in clever marketing campaigns. They usually end up costing us something, right? While this is sometimes true, where online casinos are concerned, if they say you can play for free and win real cash, then they’re telling the truth.

The fact is, there are so many online casinos that competition for your business is cut-throat. You hold the aces! Take advantage of their generosity.

Free poker tournaments provide the perfect place to hone the craft

Not only did some of our heroes start out by playing freeroll tournaments, many still compete so they can try out new strategies and further hone their craft. The game has morphed into several variations since the early days, with newer varieties requiring a fresh approach and a shift in the techniques they’ve previously used and won by. Follow their moves and do the same. Become great!

Poker freeroll strategy: tips and some friendly advice

Before you join in the fun, there are a few things you need to know: free poker tournaments attract all kinds of players and can have some unusual quirks. They’re not the same as paid-for tournaments.

You’ll come across a few serious poker-faced players, but many punters will be there purely for kicks and have little to no experience. They’ll go all-in without a clue as to why, they’ll raise bets just because they can afford to. So, if you’ve got a good starting hand, go knock ’em out. Bet big and raise big. Otherwise, call it quits, don’t bluff. Now, be brave, go join in the fun!